Datapump import/Export Tables/Schemas

For specific table import from datapump backup use this script. it will truncate existing one.

impdp system/*** tables=sibl.account remap_schema=sibl:jan28 directory=backup_dir
dumpfile=ABABIL.28Jan2012.02.38PM.dmp logfile=imp_log_of_28012012.log 
TABLE_EXISTS_ACTION=TRUNCATE remap_tablespace=temp:ababil_temp_ts,UNDOTBS1:ABABIL_UNDO_TS

To import whole schema use this one.

impdp system/****** schemas=sibl,ababilfe remap_schema=sibl:month41,ababilfe:monthfe41
directory=backup_dir dumpfile=ABABIL.26Apr2011.09.04PM.dmp logfile=imp_log_of_260411.log

A Rahim Khan

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