Oracle Automatic Diagnostic Repository (adrci) Useful Commands

Automatic Diagnostic Repository (adrci) is one of the new features in Oracle 11g. it’s a handy Command Line Utility to deal with Database Alert Log. Followings are some useful adrci Commands.

-- To list Oracle Base
adrci> show base;

-- To list ADR HOMEs
adrci> show homes;

-- To set Single Home Path Location
adrci> set homepath 'location';

-- To tail Alert Log File
adrci> show alert -tail -f;

-- To search a Specific Message
adrci> show alert -p "message_text like 'ORA-00600'" -term

-- To search within Specific Time Limit
adrci> show alert -p "message_text like '%ORA-%' and originating_timestamp >= systimestamp - 1/24" -term

-- To purge 10080 Minutes old alert 
adrci> purge -alert 10080 -type alert;

-- To list Incidents
adrci> show incident;

-- To list Problems
adrci> show problem;

A Rahim Khan

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